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    Regarding of calculator popup



      Regarding of calculator popup


           Dear Sir,

           Is there any such option to make a field for popup of calculator option Like popup of date calendar .


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               You'd have to create one. In FileMaker 13, this might be pretty easy to set up using a Popover to display the buttons to click for your calculator.

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                 Would you give me tips how to create this

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                   This was not as simple as I thought that it might be, but it intrigued me and I saw this as possibly useful in a current project so I set up a new demo file. It's a simple 4 function calculator but you can add buttons to add more functions using the existing buttons, scripts and script parameters as examples.

                   Some key details:

                   The digit and operator buttons use the same script, but the value of the button is passed as a script parameter. This script builds a calculation expression in the display that uses the same syntax as if you entered this into a Specify Calculation dialog.

                   The = button's script uses the evaluate function to replace the expression in the display with its computed value. It also sets a global variable so that if the user next clicks/taps a number key, the text in the display is replaced with this new value, but operators don't replace the value.

                   A script trigger blocks typing data directly into the display without keeping you from selecting and copying the data to the clipboard.


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                     Dear Sir ,

                     After making the calculator popuover in the existing layout. Then place the button option on a field and give command value to popup the calculator display. it display now I want the display value of calculator (what ever calculation I have worked )to be insert in the selected field of button.  

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                       Use an OnObjectExit script trigger on the PopOver Frame (not the PopOver button) to perform a script that uses set field to copy the value of the Display field into the field you have circled.