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    Regarding Quotation Template



      Regarding Quotation Template


           Dear forum Frds,

              Pls any can provide me the pre defined quotation temp. Though I am trying to build but not so perfect. I also need some utilities while preparing quotation. Most essential is to insert product image and product description on particular selected line item.  I am attaching the preview of the same from some others authors.





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               Here is a link to a very good pre built starter solution. http://www.fmstartingpoint.com/ that has an estimates layout. It tracks Accounts, Contacts Estimates, Invoices, Projects, Products, Staff, Timesheets. Tons of features.

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                 Thanks frd.for reply

                   I go through this link for stater solutions but could not insert the file on product item line as per shown in above picture. May not able to set script command value. Pls help me to give correct command .




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                   Dear Forum Friends,

                   I have not get the specific answer of sending email of any layout text details (say estimate details) along with an attachment (pdf file) in a single file attachment sending options. I have tried the tut options but unable to send the single attachment file only text details file is going not with pdf file attached with text file.



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                     Do you know how to use Save As PDF in a script?

                     If not, see this thread: Found Sets to PDF with unique file names

                     Do you know how to use the Send Mail Script Step?

                     You can use the method shown in the link to save a PDF and then you can open the send Mail script step, click the check box for attachments and enter the name of your $Path variable as the name of the File that you want to attach.

                     If you have two PDF's that you want to send in a single email, you have two options, use the "append" option in Save as PDF to append the second PDF to the end of the first (a page break will separate the pages of the fist PDF from the pages of the appended PDF or you'll need to find an email plug in that supports more than a single file attachment.