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Regarding script problem

Question asked by samarthmkt on Aug 19, 2015
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Regarding script problem


Hello friends,

Here i am facing one problem on the same two application. There are two applications files of same table , fields and relations only some two or three fields names are renamed. One is Qut (Old) and another one is Qut (New). Both the files are same. In app Qut old i apply a script name as FindEarlier for getting the last earlier transactions for the item selected in portal table for the selected customer. Its work well with no any problem. As i change the interface of the applicaion and only renamed some fields names in app Qut New then the script is not working . I have done all permutation combination but did not cataching the error. As i am not so technical to catch the error so kindly can any one give me help on this issues. Hre i am providing some pics of both the app as well as the file also to go on the deep.