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Register banc movements

Question asked by Socio.t on Jun 25, 2009
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Register banc movements


Hello everyone,


I'm tryng to make a database for my home budget management.


The idea I got was to make a table to the different kind of documents I usually have and then have all this to register in a central table, having them to increase or reduce my budget.


I thought I will have supplier invoices, like water and electricity that I can easily identify the supplier and have these regular movements. Then I will have current expenses that should work.


My point is that I don't know how connet this tables into the movement tables since they don't have a direct relationship.


Is there a way to automatically register values is the central "movement table" everytime I insert a register in the "invoice table" or "current expense table"?


I'm burning my brain over this. Maybe I got to complicated on something simple.


Thanks a lot for the help.


Best regards,