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Register, install and licence my database.

Question asked by thumper on Jan 16, 2010
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Register, install and licence my database.


The Database im working on is something i would like to sell when its complete, im a web design so ill have users pay on the website and all that, they will get their copy of the software and a registration key when paid for, but i have no idea on the filemaker aspect of how this will work, how users will enter the registration key and it will only install the app if the key is valid, just like any other registered or software that requires to be paid for and i looking at a huge job, or is this able to be done in the filemaker somewheres.


and thats the other thing, i want the files to be installed onto the c/drive from a exe. installer file, is that something that needs to be created in another programing platform like .net or c++ etc...