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Registration Database - with or without tables

Question asked by kfun on May 18, 2010
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Registration Database - with or without tables




I am a new user of Filemaker Pro 10. I am using it on a Vista operating system.


What I would like to do is set up a database with Participants who participate in Events. My thought is to create two tables: Participants (with name, address) and Events (several different seminars - two or three a year) and link them. I want to keep track of who participated in what event. 


Participants Table:

First Name

Last Name


Events (linked with Event ID)


Events Table:

Event ID (linked with Events)




I set up a portal and got one event to show up in my participant's record - not sure how I did it and can't get anymore to show up.


Two questions: Is this two table set up the most effective way to organize my data? And how can I get multiple events to show up on each participant's record?


Appreciate any help I can get.