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Reinstalling File Maker Pro 5.0.3

Question asked by laisenberg on May 11, 2010
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Reinstalling File Maker Pro 5.0.3




I, like others on this forum, have encountered a unique problem that I cannot solve.  FMP was installed on one of our computers and now the user would like FMP reinstalled on the same computer.  When I attempt to reinstall FMP on the same computer, the installation process never starts.  The cursor turns into an hour glass for 10 seconds and then turns back into a cursor.  From the installation splash screen I can Browse the CD and read the Read Me file. 


The same condition occurs when I browse the CD and go directly to the Setup.exe file to bypass the autorun screen.  Nothing happens.


I am the Network Admin for our non-profit foundation and I signed in as the System Administrator for the install.  I have full admin rights including full control to manage the 10 clients on the network.  Microsoft Server 2003 R2 X64 is the server operating system.


Any insight into what may be causing this problem would be appreciated.



Lowell Isenberg

The Ragdale Foundation

Lake Forest, IL