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Reinstalling FMP 11

Question asked by FilmUser on Apr 5, 2013
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Reinstalling FMP 11


     I am running FMP11 on a MacPro, Lion. I bought this as a used machine, used time machine to migrate apps and files. 

     My FMP11 is my latest, upgrading all the way from FMP8. 

     I am having trouble with existing databases (mine also) which use either Arial or Times Roman in layouts (all type is invisible. Once I reset the fonts to Helvetica or Times, I'm ok. I've been told that I should reinstall FMP11. 

     Is there an uninstall that I should run first, and if so, how many  versions back should I go? (or can I just trash all of the FMP folders from the Application folder?)

     If I reinstall with all versions removed first, how many need to be installed before upgrading with FMP11?

     And is this likely to solve my problem?