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Relate a Contact to a Project

Question asked by JaredEkas on Mar 24, 2012
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Relate a Contact to a Project


I started a new database using the included Contact Managment template.  I have added another table for "Projects".

I am trying to use a portal in each form view, which in contacts will display the related projects, and in projects will display the related contacts.  The only form where you can add a relation will be in the Project form.  This will be in a portal and via a button.

Therefore when the button is pressed, i hope to have a contact list open where i can choose / search for the contacts i want to relate to the specific project.

The closest thing i have found to what i am trying to accomplish is the included Registration template.

Therefore, i have added a registration table to my database and in the contacts and projects tables a "global id" and a "one" relationship  for each as in this template.  I have copied the relationships.

I have tried to copy all the scripts filling in my "field names", although the main hang up is on the "create new registration" script. On my database, i dont understand how the first line  "go to layout attendee list report" is necessary, and what happens is this opens and wont close as in the Registration Template.  No associations are made.  I have tried to change this with no luck

Is there an easier way to make this relaitonship since i am probably including alot of unneeded information trying to reverse engerneer the other template?

Attached is the relationships.