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Relate Get(AccountName) to StaffID records

Question asked by Stu412 on Jun 15, 2015
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Relate Get(AccountName) to StaffID records


Hi there

I have a staff table on my DB which is related to many other tables and works well for job planning etc.  All the relationships are done via a primary key StaffID.

I am working now for the first time in a server environment and want to track through the system (as well as the server) who is logged in.  This will also help me with a homepage I want to direct certain staff to (ie, if a staff member is a manager they go to a different homepage.  The manager role is defined on the staff table).  I also want to refer to staff throughout the system by first name only, rather than their full logged in credentials.

How can I relate Get(AccountName) to staff records?  There's no ID in Get(AccountName).

Thanks in advance