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Related Calculation Problem [Edit:debugging screenshots added]

Question asked by Frinholp on Jul 5, 2010
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Related Calculation Problem [Edit:debugging screenshots added]


I cant seem to get a calculation to work. I have attached my relationship graph with this post.

My problem is that on a layout based on Artworks I am able to show AcceptedArtistDetails::cCommissionDec and can also enter CommissionDetails::RequestedAmount which is entered through a related field on the layout. The Requested amount is used in a calculation which is a field within the Artworks table; all works fine. However I have tried to show the result of CommissionDetails::cCommission who's formula is RequestedAmount * AcceptedArtistDetails::cCommissionDec and nothing is displayed.

I have tried storing the CommissionDetails::cCommission calculation as unstored and global.

Screenshots of my calculation and debugging are uploaded to this link:

Anybody any ideas?

Thanks in advance