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Related calculations with date blocks

Question asked by Maikel on Feb 10, 2015
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Related calculations with date blocks


In my solution I have different users with different hourly rates. 
Table 1 shows the main table but I would like to calculate based on a record from the related price table.

Main tabel                      User tabel                    Price tabel

ID                                    ID                                  ID
User               ---             User_Account      ---        User_Account
Date                                                                        Start_date
number                                                                    Stop_date

CAL_PRICE                                                            Price

When a record is created in the main table the calculation must count basis on the user account and the date that is filled in in the record the hourly rate of the user dated on the date blok between start_date and stop_date in the price tabel to finally make the following calculation. 

-----CAL_PRICE ----
Main Tabel::Number *  Price tabel::Price = Total