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    Related Data Not Showing



      Related Data Not Showing


      I am trying to show some related data on a report layout. The data set is found correctly and the layout shows a place for the found set of records. The problem is that the format only displays one record at a time. I can click through them individually and they all show up at the top of the list.

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          Hi "Stube",
          Simple solution...
          In your report layout, go to FMP menu "View -> View as List"!!!
          This should get your list of related records to now show up properly.
          FYI - You can set the 'list view' to be the default view...
          In "Layout" Mode, go to FMP menu "Layouts -> Layout Setup..."; choose "Views"; and 'deselect' Form View & Table View.  List View should be the only selected view.
          I hope this helps... Good Luck!!!


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            Thanks for the support Kundinger. I tried both of these ideas but the View as List option was already chosen and the other two views were deselected. Still having problems not seeing all of the records. Any other ideas?


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              Thank you for your post.


              Pull down the View menu and select "View as Form".  This is a basic way to see the information.


              Are the related fields within a portal?  If so, you should be able to view all related records that are linked to the current record.


              If you only have a related field, then you will only see the first related value.


              Once you have the layout designed accordingly, you can then View as List. 



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                   Thank you for the input TSGal. I have been using the FMP Business Productivity Kit (service version) as a starter template. The issue comes up in the service invoice report. The portal to line items is shown in the service orders table. However, the invoice report is generated from of the line items and there is no portal. Any ideas?
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                  "Any ideas?"


                  What can you see in Preview Mode ?

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                       The report is an invoice with only line items in the body. If the invoice has eight line items the layout reconfigures to hold the eight line items but only the top spot shows information. In the browse mode you can click down the blank line item place holders and the information for each appears in the top spot. Please help if you can. THANKS 
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                      I suspect that one  ( or more ) field isn't inside the body part, so go in layout mode to check if someone touch the header or the footer part.