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Related Drop Down List

Question asked by ToddBest on Sep 19, 2012
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Related Drop Down List



     Not new to databases, new to FileMaker..


     I have one database containing 2 tables, Contacts and Companies. One company can have several contacts. I have related them through CompanyID. When a new contact is entered, I would like for them to select the company from a drop down list. But I want the drop down list to show a calculated field CompNameDiv(Company Name + Division Name) that they choose from, and store the appropriate CompanyID with the Contact record.


     My first attempt was using a value list that used the Value from CompanyID and showed the value form the CompNameDiv. This did not work, as the record reverts back to showing the CompanyID. 


     I think that the issue is that there is no company yet related to a contact, and therefore, it has nothing to display?