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Related Field and Value List

Question asked by jetmaster on May 6, 2011
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Related Field and Value List


I have two tables. One is a db of laboratories and the other is a db of people who staff them.

In the LAB db I have a primary key of the lab ID # and a field called Lab_Name.

In the STAFF db I have a primary key of the staff ID # and a foreign key for the Lab_ID and also a foreign key for Lab_Name. Not sure if this is the correct thing to do though.

On the layout for the staff db I want to have the Lab_Name field from the Lab db and I want it to be a value list drop down menu which I have set up as such. For each staff member I want to indicate which lab they are affiliated with by choosing a lab from the drop down menu.

The problem is when I click inside that field, no list appears. Nothing happens even when I relate the two tables. I think I am not relating them properly though. I'm not sure what fields i have to relate in the two tables.

Does this make any sense at all?