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Related field data will not display on current layout.

Question asked by on Feb 18, 2010
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Related field data will not display on current layout.


Help anyone.  I recently updated from FM6 to FM10.  My related fields in the current layout mode appear right ie (::related field name) but in browse mode the field is blank.  I cannot figure out why.  I can actually do a find in the related field but the find only returns one record when I know there are many.  I have tried rebuilding the relationship in the relationship graph and I am positive the key related fields and files are designated but I still can't get it to work.  The basics of the databases are the main target file has 2000 + records.  Each record has a county name.  The related file has county name also but with data pertaining to individuals at each county such as name and phone number.  This relationship has worked for me for years in lower FM versions.   will not display the data.  I can do a lookup command to fill the data into the main file but then I've lost the ability to stay real time in both files.  Any thoughts or similar experiences out there?  Pleas enlighten me.