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Question asked by AlexiHall on May 29, 2013
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Related fields & Unique Ids including data from another field


     I have not been using FMP long, and have relitively complex requirements

     I work in an art gallery, we have a database of works and a seperate database of artists.

     A lot of time is spent in the gallery manually entering data, copying data etc. There are a couple of processes I would like to automate using FMP, and would greatly appreciate any help out there.

     The first is to generate a Unique ID for each artist in the artist database, for artists Shane Feeney, Michael Richardson and Sarah Fang their IDs will be SF01, MR01 and SF02 respectively. So you can see with each set of initials the numerical secuence that folows starts at 01 and is never repeated.

     The second process that I want to be automated is the auto-completion of artist related fields in the work database, this database contains information including Artist ID, Telpehone number, Image ID, Image name, size and so on.

     Therefore when a user enters the Artist ID such as SF01, the other fields for artis address, phone number etc are automatically completed.. is this possible?

     I would greatly appreciate any help, attachments can be sent if necessary