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    Related file lookup



      Related file lookup


      Is it possible to "call" a Table View of a file (table 2) from one layout (table 1), then select a record from that view and return it to the calling layout and place one of the fields (from table 2) into a field in table 1?  I am trying to have a more flexible lookup of data from one file and placing the key from the lookup file (table 2) into the foreign key of the calling layout.  Hope that makes sense.  I am just trying to get around the limitations of the standard file lookup via value lists.


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          "file" lookup or Record look up?

          One common way to pass data from one layout to another is with variables--provided to keep the process all in one file.

          Usually, you use a list view instead of a table view for this as it's easier to set up all the fields in the row as a button that way. In table view you ahve to use script triggers to respond to a click on the row of data.

          Either way, the script might look like this:

          Set Variable [$ID ; CurrentTable::PrimaryKey ]
          Go to Layout [//layout for other table]
          Set Field [OtherTable::Field ; $ID]