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Related Files, Portals and New records

Question asked by Bermudianna on Jun 15, 2011
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Related Files, Portals and New records


I am using Filemaker Pro Version 6.

I have two databases:

1. Master File: Client information with a layout for sick days which pulls the information from my Related File

2. Related File: Sick Day information

So, I have a relationship between the two based on Employee Id.  I have a portal on my Master File to show the many records per employee id (i.e. one employee may have many sick days so they are listed in this portal).  I then have calculations in my master file summing up totals of hours out, days out etc.

It is all working fine except when I enter a time and date in an employees record, it calculates fine, but if i delete the information it continues to say that one day has been taken sick.  I have the calculating fields set to "not calculate if referenced fields are empty" but it is still saying that a day has been taken.  How do I fix this?