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Question asked by DocMaker on Aug 25, 2009
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Related layouts


Hi, I'm trying to  create a relation between two tables, or layouts, in a database for medical records. One of them (PATIENTS) stores personal data, and the second one (VISITS) is designed to store clinical data from the current visit, including some of the personal data (i.e., first and lastname, age, and so) which must be taken through a relation. This one is built with an ID numeric field in both tables, being a one (PATIENTS) to many (VISITS) relation, but I have troubles defining it, because while the ID field in the PATIENTS layout is a numeric one of auto sequential introduction, the ID numeric field in the VISITS layout should take it content from the ID field of the PATIENTS layout (or PATIENTS::ID), storing automatically the same patient number ID in every different visit (one to many), but I can't see the the way to get it. Thanks in advance.