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Related multiple portals.

Question asked by Annette on Aug 26, 2014
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Related multiple portals.


      Apologies if this is already explained somewhere, I searched various threads and couldn't find what I was looking for probably due to not know the correct term for it.  

     I have the following tables:

     Staff which has StaffID, name ManagerID, etc

     I created a self join table of that called LMID ..... Related by Staff::StaffID to LMID::LMID because I wanted to create a value list of the names as different people manage different things....wanted to select anyone as appropriate on people table....the field shows the StaffID once they select the name.  This portal is on a layout based on the staff, and when you go to a person where someone else has them as a manager the list of names appears.  So if on my page I put John Doe as my manager, his ID appears in that field for me...the portal on the right is blank...but when you go to his name will be in that portal to right.  

     I have another table, STaffWTE which has PK , STaffID, WTE, Directorate, link, LMID etc.   each person can have more than one entry on this table which is why I didn't just add these fields to the staff table,  I have one occurrence do this table linking Staff::StaffID to STaffWTE::StaffID   And another related by LMID::link (which is a calculation = 1) to StaffWTE2::Link.  I've tried also making the relationship related by StaffID or LMID's in each but None of these work the way I want it to as explained below.  

     what I would like to do is create a layout where managers can go that has a portal for LMID showing all their staff reporting to them, and when they select a name from that portal, it shows the related info in a portal to the right from STaffWTE.  Is that the best way to go about them seeing a list of their staff and their related WTE or an i going about this all wrong.  If it is I'm clearly doing the relationships wrong and/or basing the layout on wrong table.  I currently have it based on the Staff table.  

     Please help!  Thank you in advance.