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Related Pop-Up menues loose it when I click on form

Question asked by TimRiley on Jul 12, 2011
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Related Pop-Up menues loose it when I click on form



i have three tables

1) a distinct Category table with only about 15 records.

2) a Sub-Category table with about 40 records

3) an Inventory table with hundreds of records.

I have a Pop-up menu that selects one of the 15 categories.

When I select a category and click on a second pop-up menu it is correctly populated with

only the related sub-categories AND simutainously a portal is crrrectly populated with the related items in Inventory.

So all is working and seems well  !  yeah!

However if i click on anything other than one of the two pop-up menues or the Portal,

The Top field in the Category Pop-up menu blanks out and the Sub Category pop-up menu says <no values defined> when i click on it.

After some time of experimentation i noticed that the first record in the Category table is for some reason replaced with

what ever the last category i clicked on and at that point it looses its relation with the Sub category table.

Simple question... How can i prevent this replacement?   ....Thanks very much