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related portals

Question asked by Fagreement on Jun 13, 2015
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related portals



I have a question and I spent all the day to try to resolve it.

I have 4 tables (Parent/Child): Cursus -> Axes -> Champs -> Matieres

(see attach plz)

One cusrus can have multiple Axes, on Axes can have multiple Champs, on Champs can have multiple matieres… (simple database !)

I need a layout, where I choose cursus from dropdown list then I have automatically display in a portal the list of Axes, and when needed edit or add an Axes.

Same way, when I click on a record in the portal Axes, I need to show in another portal the list of Champs…same way for Matieres. So 3 related portals.

Also, in find mode, I need to show all the related fields in portals when I choose cursus table.


Please if anyone can help I Thank you !