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Related post has to be "activated" before showing in portal

Question asked by MartinWikner on Jul 27, 2013
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Related post has to be "activated" before showing in portal


     Hi everyone!

     I'm pretty new at Filemaker, but am making progress, even though I don't always understand how I mangaged to do some things. I ain't able to quite verbalize my issue so I haven't ben able find a solution on the net for it either.

     I'm a teacher and in my database, I basically have the relationship: Class --< Student --< Corrected assignment >--Assignment

     In my Class layout (Class) I have a portal showing the related assignments. They show as long as I have created at least 1 Corrected assignment record for an assignment, but if I have just created the assignment it won't show up in the portal.

     Is there an easy way to make this happen, should it already be happening or is the database doomed?