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    Related Records



      Related Records


      Hi,  Is there a good way to link individual records with a click to go to button?  I am not understanding if portals are the way to go.


      ie) my database is sculptures (over 2,000 works), one sculpture may have different versions (different color or media) with different names, I have a field with "see also" where I put the names of the other sculptures, but have not found a good way to search and pull up all the versions at once.


      Thank you for any help.

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          Hi, akahanka, and welcome to the forum!


          If I understand your problem correctly, you have done all the hard work already.  I apologise for the crudeness of my example:


          - You have a 'Name' field.  Let's say in this record it contains 'Orange'.

          - You have in that record a field named 'SeeAlso'.  It contains the return-character-separated data:

          - Clementine

          - Seville

          - Mandarin

          - Satsuma

          - In the file you have somewhere 4 other records, each whose 'Name' field contains 'Clementine', 'Seville', etc


          - If you make a relationship between the 'SeeAlso' field in the table and a self-join to the field 'Name', you can put a portal on each record which for every record ( 'Name' ) will show a portal displaying all the records you have suggested a link to via your 'SeeAlso' field.


          - From that portal you can put a button on the portal row which can take the user to the detailed record for that 'Name'.


          It is not always appreciated - but dashed useful - that Filemaker relationships can also work by matching return-separated lists at either end of the relationship.




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            Thank you Alan,


            Now I know that using a portal is the right approach and will see if I can make it happen!