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Related records - am I missing something?

Question asked by LeahLoughran on Sep 4, 2013
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Related records - am I missing something?


     I'm really new to FMP so I think I'm missing a major chunk of knowledge that will help me solve my problem.

     I understand how to create relationships in the database, but I'm having some confusion about actually creating the related records with the user being able to reference a related record by name, not by actually having to choose a serial number. In other words, I want to hide the auto generated serial numbers, but still enable the user to create related records.

     I'm not sure if that makes sense, so I'll give a simple example.

     Let's say I have two tables, "Companies" and "Employees". Each company has many employees (a one-to-many relationship). So in my Companies table, my fields could be "CompanyID" and "CompanyName". In my Employee table, my fields could be "EmployeeID", "EmployeeName", and "CompanyID". Like this:


  •           CompanyID
  •           CompanyName


  •           EmployeeID
  •           Employee Name
  •           CompanyID

     Then I create a relationship between Companies::CompanyID and Employees::CompanyID.

     But then, while the user creates a new Employee record, they will have to choose a company ID (serial number) to relate that employee to? i.e., if I'm creating a record for "Joe", I have to enter it so Joe works at company "3219" instead of "Microsoft"? Is there some way to relate the records without the user having to choose the serial number? I feel like I'm totally missing something, but I just don't see the answer.

     Help would be much appreciated. Thank you.