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    Related records are deleted aswell



      Related records are deleted aswell



           I have a Filemaker file containing two databases: invoice and adresses.

           When typing a client name in the invoice, adress is looked up, or if non existent it's added.

           I noticed when an adress is added, and i delete the invoice, the adress record is deleted aswell.

           How do i prevent that from happening?


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               It means that someone added a "delete" option in the relationship between these two tables. To prevent it, this option should be removed.

               Open Manage | Database | Relationships

               Find the relationship line between these two tables and doubleclick it.

               Clear the "delete" check box on the Addresses side of the relationship.

               Note: Since there can be many table occurrence "boxes" in Manage | Database | Relationships that refer to Invoice and many that refer to Address, there may be more than one relationship where this option may have been specified. You can even set up a chain of "cascading deletes" where deleting a record in table A deletes the related records in Table B which deletes the related records for each of the deleted B records from Table c...