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related records in a portal not showing correct occurance

Question asked by arnamy1 on Sep 20, 2012
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related records in a portal not showing correct occurance


     lets see if I can make this easy to understand....

     I have a database that was using a repeating field for tracking some dates. I exported it to switch over to using another table with separate records and showing a portal insted using these instructions....

     So far so good. I need to run a report that searches for a date range, based on the date field that was the original repeating field. Now the serach works, but the report only shows the first occurance of what was that repeating fied. The reason I split this to a separate table with separate records was to show the correct record, but it is still only showing the first. 

     For example, if I search for 9/1/12 - 9/15/12, it will find all the records in that range, but if any of the records relate back to the record in the first table outside that range, it show the occurance of the other previous one.

     Does that make sense? Sure would love some input! Thanks in advance!