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Related records not updating

Question asked by RandyOkane on Feb 2, 2012
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Related records not updating


I have 3 tables.

Table One is Order_items with a key of SesIS

It has a field (ExtWeight) which includes the extended weight of the products ordered (based upon the number ordered and the weight per product)


Table Two is Order.

It has a key of SesID

It also has the following fields:

total weight: which is an unstored calculation defined as the sum of Ext Weight plus one.  This calculation work correctly.

UPS zone: This is an unstored calculation based upon the shipping method and the Zip code.  This calculation works correctly.

Com Res: This is a text field noting if the customer is a commercial or residential delivery

shipping amount: this is equal to the value of Shipping from the table UPS Charge


Table Three is UPS Charge:  The values are all text or numbers, there are no calculations.

It is related to Orders by three IDs:

weight: which relates to the unstored calculation Total Weight

zone: Which related to the unstored calculation UPS Zone

Com Res: Which relates to the Com Res field.

It also has the field Shipping


When a change is made to the Line Items table: for example, changing from 5 to 10 items ordered, the total weight in Orders correctly updates.  However, the values from Table three UPS Charge remains the same as when the weight was based upon 5 units. The related records from the original weight continue to be used.  The relationship does not update when the unstored calculation is updated.

If I change the ZIP code, it changes the zone and everything works correctly.