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    Related records not updating



      Related records not updating


      I have 3 tables.

      Table One is Order_items with a key of SesIS

      It has a field (ExtWeight) which includes the extended weight of the products ordered (based upon the number ordered and the weight per product)


      Table Two is Order.

      It has a key of SesID

      It also has the following fields:

      total weight: which is an unstored calculation defined as the sum of Ext Weight plus one.  This calculation work correctly.

      UPS zone: This is an unstored calculation based upon the shipping method and the Zip code.  This calculation works correctly.

      Com Res: This is a text field noting if the customer is a commercial or residential delivery

      shipping amount: this is equal to the value of Shipping from the table UPS Charge


      Table Three is UPS Charge:  The values are all text or numbers, there are no calculations.

      It is related to Orders by three IDs:

      weight: which relates to the unstored calculation Total Weight

      zone: Which related to the unstored calculation UPS Zone

      Com Res: Which relates to the Com Res field.

      It also has the field Shipping


      When a change is made to the Line Items table: for example, changing from 5 to 10 items ordered, the total weight in Orders correctly updates.  However, the values from Table three UPS Charge remains the same as when the weight was based upon 5 units. The related records from the original weight continue to be used.  The relationship does not update when the unstored calculation is updated.

      If I change the ZIP code, it changes the zone and everything works correctly.




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          There is more than one method to lookup and use data from a related table such as UPS charge. How did you do it?

          Do you use fields with a Looked up value field option to copy data from UPS Charge into Order?

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            I am actually just showing the value of the related field.  The relationship is not updating, which is the problem.  I am not doing a lookup.

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              Since this works with the initial values, and you aren't using fields with the looked up value setting, this appears to be a case where the window has not refreshed as you expect.

              At the time of your screen shot, had you committed the Order record? (click the layout background or run a script with commit record)

              Can you force it to update and display the correct data?

              Try running a script with Refresh Window,  or manually enter layout mode, then return to browse...

              BTW, even though it complicates the update issue even more, you may want to use looked up values to copy your data from UPS Charge. You don't want a change in UPS rates to automatically update all past Orders to show a total cost different than what you actually charged the customer.