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Related Serial Numbers

Question asked by Quirijn on Jan 20, 2012
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Related Serial Numbers


Hi there,

I can’t get this one sorted out: In my FM Pro 11 advanced (working on Apple G5) I’ve got several items on witch I create records. Now every new record should get it’s own serial number with the initial of the item, followed with the next number of the quantity of this series.
For example: I have potatoes and tomatoes. When I create a new record, this will be a kind of potato ore tomato. The record recognizes the kind of item and fills in automatically its first letter P followed by a serial number 01. So here we get P.01 / P.02 / P.03, etc. or when I make records on different tomatoes I get T.01 / T. 02 / T.03, etc..

So, something like this:
Record - potato - tomato    
01 = P.01
02 = T.01
03 = P.02
04 = P.03
05 = T.02
06 = P.04

I hope somebody can show me how I can make a calculation or a script for this one?