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Related Table field display

Question asked by on Oct 13, 2014
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Related Table field display


I have got a rather large table for student information (Student Records). I have a related table for email address that is related by student number. In the email table I have a place for emails and what type of email it is (student, custodial father, custodial mother, etc.) I have also created calculation fields that show the certain type in another fashion (ie. If ( type = "All Family" ; email ; If ( type = "student 1" ; Student 1 ; "" ) ) ). All this works just fine and you can see the individual calculation fields show up in the email talbe. However, when I then try to place those calculation fields in a layout in the main database of student records, only the first field will show up. Nothing shows up for the other calculation fields when placed in a Student Records layout. I want to show the different types of email addresses in different places on the information form layout.

Any help?


Brian Bentley