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Related Table Field Order Not Synced

Question asked by BenjaminHarper on Jun 12, 2013


Related Table Field Order Not Synced


     Hello. I have a database wherein there are two tables, one which references multiples of the other. I am performing an XML export of the data within this database. When I go to export the data from the container table, this is essentially what the export order looks like:


     I have several such relationships set up, and until now this has always exported the XML data such that the data from the "Table2::FieldA" export line up in-order with the "Table2::FieldB" data.

     But just now I'm seeing this data no qynced up in exactly one location. If I change the value of one of the Table2 records, then the sort order fixes itself and they're back in-sync.

     So here's my question: Is the order of the data SUPPOSED to synced up for such an export (making this a bug)? And if not, then how SHOULD I be handling this export so that for each related record from Table2, I get all the data in-order? (I'm running the XML data through a Python script to get the relevant data I need into a JSON structure and I would prefer to not have to export Table2 separately and use the IDs from the link to bind them together, but if the export isn't intended to be stable, I suppose there is little I can do about it?)

     Thanks for any help/advice you can lend me.