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Related Table Fields

Question asked by AnnetteSteinberg on Jul 20, 2011
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Related Table Fields



New to FM.  I’ve created two tables, for simplicity lets say Customers and Agents.  Each customer can only have one agent from the Agent Table.  In each Customer record I have three fields from the Agents table; two of those fields you have to choose the entry from a value list.  A third field on the customer record should be automatically entered based on the selection from one of those two original fields from the Agent table.  The Problem: The third field is not automatically filling in.

Each Customer Record

  1. Vendor Table field 1 (Value list Selection)
  2. Vendor table Field 2 (Another Value list Selection)
  3. Vendor table Field 3 (auto filled when Vendor Table Field 2 is selected)

Vendor Table

  1. Field One (value list)
  2. Field Two (value list)
  3. Field Three from values on table

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your help.