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    Related table: Search not filtering results properly



      Related table: Search not filtering results properly


      I have a simple related table I created (see screenshot). With year, week, block, program, note and created by fields.

      Right now when I try to make a search within a certain year, specific week and block it seems to come up with results that are not properly filtering with the 'combination' of those search filters. SO let's say I want to find all records from 2014 Week 40 Block 1... right now I'm also getting results from say 2014 Week 51 Block 1 ....or 2014 Week 40 Block 8.  It seems to be selecting results that fall under each field - rather than only the results that meet the combined requirements of "2014" + "Week 40" + "Block 1" .

      Can anyone please assist with this? This is my first related table so any guidance is most appreciated!


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          That's because you aren't searching the related table. You are searching the layout's table for all records with at least one portal record matching your criteria. Once the records are found and you return to browse mode. Your relationship and any possible filter then determine what records appear in the portal. Each record in your found set will have at least one portal record that matches your criteria, but all other portal records will still be visible in the portal.

          Depending on the results that you want, you may need to perform your search on a layout based on the portal's table instead of the layout shown in your screen shot.

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            Thanks Phil that's clarifies it. Although I'm a bit confused how to proceed. I'm not sure what to google in order to make this custom find for my portal. This is a database for video productions. So each record is a production and this related table stores the info on various programming playlists. I need to be able to search my entire database for which records are in what playlists - info which is stored in this portal.

            From what you said it seems I need to create a customized search to be able to bring up results of all my records in regards to the areas of the portal. What would that be called? can you assist with some of the terms so I can look this up..  thanks

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              I suggested searching directly on the portal's table as one possible option. I did not recommend it as I did not know what exactly you wanted to accomplish. It is NOT the best option if you want to see the results in your portal.

              To specify criteria that then affect what records display in a portal can be done by two common methods. (other more complex, scripted methods are also possible.)

              Set up a relationship with some match fields where you specify additional match criteria. For example, you could add a pair of date fields to your layout's table and set up the relationship such that by entering two dates, you see all related records that fall within that date range.

              Set up a portal filter relationship that filters the set of related records down to a smaller set of records. This filter expression can refer to fields in the layout's record where you specify additional criteria.

              For an example of how a filtered portal can be used to search out records, see the "Auto Filtering Search Portals" layout found in "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection".There are other examples in this file where check boxes control what records appear in the portal as well which would be an example of manipulating match field values to search a portal.

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                Sorry but I am really new to portals in filemaker and I don't follow all the language here or have the necessary background. I found what seems like a helpful video tutorial on creating a basic find script with button. It seems to what i need but I'm having trouble with some of the settings i think. http://www.vtc.com/products/FileMakerPro11Advanced/UltimateFind/93982

                At second thought this does not seem correct. I will review your suggestions next week and see what I can come up with. thanks

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                  Thanks so much Phil I had not seen your full comment before with link. I will take a look at the file.