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Related table: Search not filtering results properly

Question asked by ElizabethMarkevitch on Dec 11, 2014
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Related table: Search not filtering results properly


I have a simple related table I created (see screenshot). With year, week, block, program, note and created by fields.

Right now when I try to make a search within a certain year, specific week and block it seems to come up with results that are not properly filtering with the 'combination' of those search filters. SO let's say I want to find all records from 2014 Week 40 Block 1... right now I'm also getting results from say 2014 Week 51 Block 1 ....or 2014 Week 40 Block 8.  It seems to be selecting results that fall under each field - rather than only the results that meet the combined requirements of "2014" + "Week 40" + "Block 1" .

Can anyone please assist with this? This is my first related table so any guidance is most appreciated!