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Related Tables and Checkbox Sets

Question asked by craig5005 on Jun 10, 2009
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Related Tables and Checkbox Sets


I have had a weird problem creep up, and I was hoping someone might know what is going on/how to fix it.


I have a table of equipment, and a table of team members.


I want to have a checkbox set of team members on a layout that displays a piece of equipment.  Basically, while displaying records from the equipment table, I want to be able to check off certain team members that have been trained on that particular piece of equipment.  


What I have done is created a simple "one" relationship between the two tables, and made a value list from that table which includes all the team members name.


Depending on how I set things up... I either get a field showing only one name, or I get all the checkboxes, however, when I click on them, they do REALLY weird things.  For example, when I click on the first checkbox, it deletes the first name field from the team member, and then displays the first name of the next person in the list.  The other thing it does is move the second column of team members to the right when I click on checkboxes in the left column.  Everytime I click another checkbox on the left, the right column moves further and further away.  I have NEVER seen this before, and I have no idea what is causing this.


If anyone knows a better way to accomplish this goal, please don't hesitate to let me know.  If someone also knows what is causing these weird actions, plus post.