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Related tables and field displays.

Question asked by TKnTexas on Sep 16, 2009
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Related tables and field displays.


In my utilities database, a pre-processing application (runtime on XP) before uploading to accounts payable, I have the following tables:






I have set up the appropriate relationships.  There was one AP batch per week.  The key field is a combo calculation of year and week-number, YYYYwk.  This number shows on each invoice.  Invoices are entered directly into the AP_Invoice table.  I can view all invoices via a portal on the AP_Batch record.  This has been working for almost two years.  I created in ver8 and have since upgraded to ver10. 


In August we made a change in AP to offer e-payments vs checks.  I added a field to the Vendor record for epayments.  It is either blank, meaning a check or a Y meaning ach.  Based on the flag, the invoice number is appended with AC#.  That calculation works great.  I created a new field in the Vendor table--calculation field.  If the flag is Y then the vendor name has "e-option" appended. 


When I scrolled back today to look at some older batches, the names are showing blank in the AP_Batch portal.  If I switch to layout mode, the field shows the name of the record I was on when I switched modes.  I am confused by the behavior.