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Related tables Export Problem

Question asked by user21370 on Nov 12, 2009
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Related tables Export Problem


A problem I have I can't get solved.


In the database I have a table Orders which is related with a table Orderitems. They are related with  "ID Order" .

In Filemaker it's no problem to view the orderitems in a portal. But what I have to get is an export to Excel in the next structure:


ID Order - Item 1 - Item 2 - Item 3

   001      -  A       -    B      -    C

   002      -  D       -    W     -    I

   003      -  y        -    q     -    R

What I've tried is to make the same Fields as in "Orderitems" into the "Order" Table and import  the data in the fields "Order". But I can't believer there isn't a easier solution.
Thank you for helping me!