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Related Tables problem

Question asked by jhc on Sep 24, 2013
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Related Tables problem


     I'm having trouble making my tables relate. I have attached my ERD (relationship tables). 

     I want the user to be able to enter info for a lake. And then enter info for one (or more than one) net site. The net site may have many fish in it. so it's a series of 1:M 

     I tried portals but my tables are too big - the fields just go way past the layout area (i'm trying to make this for an iPad). I also tried tabs and that seems to work but couldn't figure out how to make the user be able to pick which lake his/her net site belongs to or which net his/her fish was caught in.

     I thought I was making progress when I discovered portals but I feel like I've gone backwards now and am no closer to figuring this out. Anyone with any words of wisdom? 

     please & thank you