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    related tables with lookup (conditional)



      related tables with lookup (conditional)


      Dear all,


      I am quit new at this but created a few databases we use as a group. I have created a general contact database which I am lining to other databases. For ordering I would like to create another table linked to the contacts but that automatically contains only the suppliers so I can link it t our orders database. I have tried the related tables with lookups but I seem not to get it right. The closest I got was to a lookup that only copied the first supplier repetitively.

      Any tips? Thanks in advance






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          A bit more information about your database would be helpful.

          Are your "suppliers" records in the same contacts table as other contacts?

          If so, is there a field in contacts that identifies which are "suppliers"?

          What exactly do you mean by "I have tried to create another table"? Exactly what did you try to do?

          Do want to see a set of records that are only suppliers? A list of suppliers appearing in a value list? A portal that only shows suppliers?

          Once you get that result, what will you do with it? (That can better help us decide what to recommend here.)

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            This I could solve by using the conditional value lists. However the problem is that instead of a direct selection of the suppliers (in the first list) I need to do this manually (not such a big deal in this case). Then in the second pop-up menu I get the effective list.

            I now am making something similar on the same table but here I do not want the choice in the first table. In short the origin table of the date contains names and activities (yes, no, or temporary) in a check box format. On the table to which the data is linked I only want to be able to select between the names marked yes in the origin table. Is this possible?


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              Conditional value lists do not have to be set up such that the user has to specify that the contact be a supplier. You can "hardwire" the conditional value list such that it always lists only values from records designated as "supplier".

              See: Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists

              This free download file lists 8 different forms of a conditional value list. Two examples are "hardwired" to always list only values from a specified category.

              In that file, you'll also find a link to Adventures In FileMaking #2 - Enhanced value Selection which then takes the concept of value selection in directions where a simple value list simply isn't enough to get the job done.

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                Thank you for the information. I have been trying to get the hardwired solution going now for another set of databases, but no success. The data from which i want to make the value list is in another database (a list of people). Performing the selection calculations in that database is no issue (it works). When then setting up the selection field (drop-down or pop-over) in another dbs so I can link a document to a specific person and then setting the value list as illustrated, the only returned value is a question mark. This is according to the calculation only option).

                I also do not get why in the values you have to select the _pkValueID first as there seems to be no selection. Anyway I tried something similar but as i said I only get a question mark.

                Any tips?


                Kind regards


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                  A more detailed description of the exact steps you took would be helpful. For one thing, the AiF file illustrates TWO different ways to hardwire the conditional value list. Which did you try to set up?

                  That question mark result suggests that your calculation  field does not have the correct result type specified. Either that or it is not a stored/indexed calculation.

                  I also do not get why in the values you have to select the _pkValueID first as there seems to be no selection.

                  You do not have to include the __pk value as your first field, but it is usually best that you do so. It's better to link records by ID than by name as names are: a) not unique, b) people change their names and c) it's easy to enter names incorrectly when setting up the data in your table.

                  I don't quite understand what you mean by "there seems to be no selection"