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related tables, table occurences, layout, and value list question

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on Mar 28, 2013
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related tables, table occurences, layout, and value list question


     Hi everyone, 

     I'm having a hard time trying to understand the relationships between table occurences, portals, layouts, and conditional value lists. I understand them all individually but when combined they are throwing me for a loop. 

     From reading posts here and elsewhere, it seems that a value list attached to a field in a portal need be shown on a layout that is related to the portal table occurence. I was doing some cleanup in a solution and made some changes to clean up 4 or 5 different relationships i had stemming from my invoice table. I created a new table occurence of invoice details  (did not create a relationship between original invoice table and new invoice details TO) and readded the relationships to this new occurence.

     I had remembered something about it needing to be related to the layout I am working on so I started researching. The strange thing is is that it seems to work just the same as it was before I made the changes. But i dont want it to cause problems in the future so I rather get it right the first time. 

     Does the layout that I am working on ( invoice with a portal to invoice details) have to have a relationship to the second Invoice Details table occurence for the conditional value list to work correctly.

     A clear explanation would be very much appreciated as I dont want a fix, i just want to understand. Thank you much.