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related tables/portals

Question asked by beginner??? on Jun 26, 2009
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related tables/portals


OMG I used to write FMP DB eons ago and have recently had to do one and I seem to have forgotten evrything??

Please can I get help with a simple recipe DB - I have 2 Tables #1-Ingredients with costings and #2-Recipes, I have a card file layout to enter recipes and it links great to ingredients OK and the $/100g comes up all good, but after I key in qty am having trouble with CalcCost working.  This is sooooooooo simple that i must be going brain dead or something??:


Ingredient:                Cost/100g               Qty:                   CalcCost:

(entered/autofills)     portal displaying     (entered)          first line works but

                               from ingr table                             subseq lines don't????

I know i am an idiot!!