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    related tables/portals



      related tables/portals


      OMG I used to write FMP DB eons ago and have recently had to do one and I seem to have forgotten evrything??

      Please can I get help with a simple recipe DB - I have 2 Tables #1-Ingredients with costings and #2-Recipes, I have a card file layout to enter recipes and it links great to ingredients OK and the $/100g comes up all good, but after I key in qty am having trouble with CalcCost working.  This is sooooooooo simple that i must be going brain dead or something??:


      Ingredient:                Cost/100g               Qty:                   CalcCost:

      (entered/autofills)     portal displaying     (entered)          first line works but

                                     from ingr table                             subseq lines don't????

      I know i am an idiot!! 

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          I don't quite follow what you did. It looks you should have THREE tables: Ingredients (or more precisely, Products), Recipes and RecipeIngredients (a join table between Products and Recipes).


          The cost per 100g should be in Products, and the actual quantity in RecipeIngredients, along with the extended cost calculation.