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Related value lists

Question asked by obidon on Jan 9, 2013
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Related value lists



     I have a file which contains technical components in a specification style format.  Each component is is assigned to main catergory, a sub catergory and has a name. The name will not be unique.  Each record contains empircal data which will be used later by a lookup.  The specification schedule has been created with three tables, linked by an ID and cascading down.

     In a seperate test file, I want to lookup the UUID of the 'widget' to extract data. I have created a popup menu which references the Specification, selects the UUID and displays the name.  I want to filter that list based on catergory and sub catergory.

     I've been chasing my tail for hours and hours, can somebody point me in the right direction for a solution please.


     Many Thanks