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Related ValueList Issue (bug?) in FMP 11

Question asked by bosch_bastiaan on Jul 29, 2010
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Related ValueList Issue (bug?) in FMP 11


My related Value list do not work,

Pull-Down-List is showing all records (Field-Values) of related file, instead of only the related..

I tried in 2 differend ways... External_Relation 2) Internal relation:

Table 1:    Field_1A1 +Field_1.1  +  Field_1.2

Table 2: Field_2A1 + Field_2.1_g  +  Field_2.2_g


Field_A1, Value = number = 1, Relation Field_2A=Field_1A1 = 1=1 = showing all records

Based upon A1 relation Pull down list in Field_2.1_g shows all values of Field_1.1


Relation Field_2.1_g=Field_1.1 = showing only related records

(in my case, because Field_1.1 = Credit_Name, showing only the product group of selected creditor)

Based Relation Field_2.1_g=Field_1.1 ;

The Pull down list in Field_2.2_g should show only the related records, (only the prod_groups of related creditor) 

but is showing all values of (of all records) Field_1.2 (showing all prod_Groups_of all creditors)

Internal relation in my products database

products:creditor_name_g = products:creditor_name

When using a Pull-Dow-List of based upon field (Creditor-Name) Value in my product list,

Based upon the  (creditor_name_g = Creditor_name) relation,

The product_Group should only show the product_groups related to the selected creditor_name

Yet is does not..

Please help