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    Related Values



      Related Values


      Hello, everybody. I am trying to get related records when I type a Product Id inside a portal. I can get ALL the records from the Product table but not just the related ones. I´ve tried everything but I must be doing something wrong. Can anybody enlight me, please? I am attaching a screen shot.



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          Portals show records in your portal based on your table relationship.  I would guess that you don't have your relationship setup correctly for this portal or that you are not using the correct occurance in this portal. 

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            Feel free to upload a screen shot of Manage | Database | relationships. We should be able to either spot the issue or ask a question that quickly focuses in on it.

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              Hi, PhilModJunk. Thank you for your time. The attached screen shot shows the actual relationship that shows ALL values from BATCHES once a ProductID is typed in the portal. I have tried many permutations, without avail. The portal reflects the relationship processing_INPUTS (records are created when typing in the portal). From this Processing table, the portal fields in INPUT will tell BATCHES table how much kgs of that particular batch were used. BATCH then keeps tracks of that inventory amount. Thank you again.

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                It looks to me that your portal is listing the correct records, but when you use the value list from the context of a field in the portal, the value list lists all batch records instead of just the batches for the current recipe. Do you agree with that analysis?

                Next question:

                On your layout, if you open layout setup, what is selected in "show Records from"?

                If you examine your portal in layout mode, what name appears in the lower left corner?

                Both of these names are the names of table occurrences in your relationships graph so I need to see that info to understand the context.

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                  If I understand you well, I mentioned the portal takes info from the relationship proccessing_INPUT. Attached, a shot of the layout

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                    Which doesn't fully answer my questions. Portals aren't based on a relationship, they are based on a table occurrence. On what occurrence is the layout base?

                    It's the relationship between these two occurrences and the table occurrence specified for your value list that determine what values appear in your value list.

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                      Thanks for your time. See the attached screen shot, is that what you are asking for. The table is PROCESSING, once I type a recipe number on it, it brings to the portal all the information you see, with the exception of the batch number wich is what I am trying to obtain.

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                        So we can narrow things down to these relationships:


                        Where your layout is based on Processing, the portal on Processing_Inputs and the value list is bsed on Processing_Recipes_Inputs_Products_batches.

                        Given the relationships here, you'll need two different value lists if you want both to work correctly. Each will be set up like you show in your second screen shot, but each should specify a different "starting from" table occurrence.

                        If you want to see data from all Batches related to _kf_Products_ID in Processing, you should select PROCESSING as the "starting from" table occurrence.

                        If you want to see data from all Batches related to _kf_Products_id in Processing_Inputs, you should select Processing_INPUTS as the starting from table occurrence.

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                          Hi, PhilModJunk. I'm sorry I did not get back to you regarding your last post, I was trying to follow your instructions but the way I interpreted them did not work. After many trial an errors I got it. The processing procedure goes as follows: type in the Recipe number and it bring me the recipe information, except batch number. The Recipe has sent the product ID, etc information to the INPUT table, which in turn lets the BATCH table know about it once I type the BATCH number in the processing portal. I just created a new relationship between BATCH and INPUT based on ProductID and the Value list was created from the BATCH table with only related values from the batch_INPUT. It is working now. I do appreciate your time and your willingness to help. The attached file shows the relationship BATCH....batch_INPUT, the value list showing on the PROCESSING portal, the INPUT table showing the new input from the portal and the BATCH table showing the productID for that batch. Also the value list as it is working now. Thanks again.