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    Relating a field in a table to fields in two different tables



      Relating a field in a table to fields in two different tables


      Hello all,

      I'm fairly new to FileMaker and I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do is possible.

      I'm in charge of a cardiology training program and I need to keep track of presentations that are given either by trainees or physicians. I therefore have created a "Presentations" table with the following fields: Presentation ID (serial number); Date; Presenter; Title of the presentation; Subject.

      I also 2 different tables that gather informations about the trainees and teachers. Fields for the "Teachers" table are: Teacher ID(serial number); First Name; Last Name; Specialty; Email Address. Fieds for the "Trainees" table are: Trainee ID (serial number); First Name; Last Name; Email Address.

      Some presentations are given by trainees and some by teachers. Is there a way I can relate the "Presenter" field in the "Presentations" table to both the "Teacher ID" and "Trainee ID" fields in their respective tables. Or else should I create two different tables for presentations given by trainees and presentations given by teachers?

      Thank you for your help.


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          I suggest turning this around. Note how similar your fields are for teachers and trainees. They are almost identical. You can put teachers and trainees in the same table using the same ID serial number for both. The specialty field would just be left blank for Trainees and you'd add a new field where you'd designate a given record as either the record of a "Teacher" or a "Trainee".

          Given that added field, you can use a variety of methods to make sure you are only working with teachers or only working with trainees in situations where that is important, but can pull records for both together on the same layout when you need to work with both at the same time.