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    Relating a Pet Library to Customers and Invoice - starter solution "Invoices"



      Relating a Pet Library to Customers and Invoice - starter solution "Invoices"



      I was hoping someone can help me create/use the correct relationship among customers, pets, invoices.  I am trying to create a database for a 2-doctor veterinary practice.

      I am using the Starter Solution "Invoices" as it conveniently has the Customers, Products and Invoices.

      I want to add another Table named "Pets" and relate it appropriately to Customers.  The pet will be related to a particular customer (aka Clients).  A customer can have several pets but a pet usually has just one owner. I am planning to just add another field called Other Owner in the Customers table to accommodate a spouse/family member who shares ownership with the same pet.

      The invoice will contain services/products that the pet incurred while in the vet clinic.

      In the Invoice lay-out, I wish to have the Customer Info, the Pet Info and all the line items (services/products) for that particular transaction.

      Thank you very much for all your help.


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          Create your new table and link it to customers by Customer ID. Define an auto-entered serial number field, Pet ID to uniquely identify each pet.

          Then, on your Customers layout you can add a new portal to the Pets table. You can place this portal in a new tabl in the tab control and use it to document each pet that customer owns.

          Assuming that a single pet is listed on a given invoice, you can add a pet ID to the invoice table and link it to a table occurrence of your pets table. A conditional value list set on this field can be used to select a customer's pet and fields from the related pets table occurrence can be added to list the pet's name, etc on the invoice.

          If you want it possible to list services for multiple pets from the same customer in one invoice, you might instead add the Pet ID field to the LineItems table and format it with the conditional valuel ist.

          What are table occurrences?  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

          How do I create a conditional value list? Custom Value List? (See option 2 for your situation)