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    Relating databases or repeating fields .Or both



      Relating databases or repeating fields .Or both



      We have been using a Lotus Approach database of contacts for some time and now I am trying to ship the whole thing over to Filemaker. In the old database we were able to keep a record of any changes (for example, who notified us of email address changes and who made the changes and when the change was made) to the entries. Basically a history of each record. There are over 30000 entries in the database.

      That was set up using a related database that recorded the changes and then appeared as part of the main database with all the rest of the individuals record. The relationship was made using a unique code name. 

      I am trying to do a similar thing with Filemmaker, but I am quite new to databases in general and have used Filemaker for only a few weeks. 

      I am guessing repeating fields have to be part of the deal and relating databases would be in there too, but I have no clue what to do beyond that. I tried to find out in the users guide but did not get the result I need.

      If I can have the history as as part of the database without having to use related database it would be good too.

      Can anyone help? 


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          Repeating fields are part of filemaker to maintain backwards compatibility with older versions and for certain very specialized uses. You will want to set up relationships that link your tables in a manner that replicates the function of your lotus system (or improves on it).


          I suggest investing some time and $$ in a good book on Filemaker Pro, and/or tutorials. At the same time, keep posting your questions here and various members will try to help you out.

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               Thanks for that advice Phil. The old lotus was set up by a very gifted person who is no longer with the organisation. I am a volunteer working for a non-profit organisation. So there are not a lot of $$ spare for me to use. What can you recommend in the way books and/or tutorials that I could use to help me learn this program. 
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                 I've been using fmp for way too many years to be able to recommend anything like this. Other posters have meantioned a few titles and Filemaker Inc offers tutorials on their web site, but I don't have any personal experience with them. Other posters may be able to recommend and you can always go on Amazon and check out the reader reviews.
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                A log as such should be managed in a seperate table, not repeating fields.


                I would suggest you take a look at this link. It has a method to log fields. There are also numerous other logging techniques out there.



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                  Thanks for that Mr Vodka.

                  I looked at the clip and while I think that would solve things, setting that up with my experience (or lack thereof) would be all but impossible without someone to walk me through the process.


                  However I was able to get some of what I am trying to achieve using the "Field/control setup".


                  In the  "display data from" I put the database (practice history 1) I have related to the main one( myFile2). And the data(from practice history 1) shows up in (myFile2) where I want it to.

                  In the practice history 1 database there are fields "Date, Action, Source, Entered by"' The 2 databases are related by a unique code name that match the people on database with the relevant info.  

                  The thing is, some of the entries the myFile2 database have been updated a few times over the years and the changes are recorded in practice history 1 database.

                  But I can only get the first entry in the practice history 1 database to show in the myFile2 database.

                  How do I set it up so all the entries in the practice history 1 database show up in the myFile2 database and any future changes can be recorded fro reference?

                  And, yes I am not using the files that contain the complete data. Not only because I don't want anyone to know. I just don't want to screw up 16 years and 30000+ entries all of whom are important to us!     

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                       You can use a portal. You can look this up in the supplied help file for a pretty good description of how to use portals.
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                      OK Thanks folks! Same answer three times! I can take a hint!

                      Thanks for your help!