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Relating databases or repeating fields .Or both

Question asked by AussiePete on Jun 8, 2009
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Relating databases or repeating fields .Or both



We have been using a Lotus Approach database of contacts for some time and now I am trying to ship the whole thing over to Filemaker. In the old database we were able to keep a record of any changes (for example, who notified us of email address changes and who made the changes and when the change was made) to the entries. Basically a history of each record. There are over 30000 entries in the database.

That was set up using a related database that recorded the changes and then appeared as part of the main database with all the rest of the individuals record. The relationship was made using a unique code name. 

I am trying to do a similar thing with Filemmaker, but I am quite new to databases in general and have used Filemaker for only a few weeks. 

I am guessing repeating fields have to be part of the deal and relating databases would be in there too, but I have no clue what to do beyond that. I tried to find out in the users guide but did not get the result I need.

If I can have the history as as part of the database without having to use related database it would be good too.

Can anyone help?