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    Relating field values across layoouts



      Relating field values across layoouts


      I'm new to Filemaker, my experience is Access, DBase ans SQL Server so please excuse any errors with definitions.

      I am building an simple application. Main table hold a Case and there will be multiple Transactions added to each case.

      I have created a Layout/Form for the Case table and I want to put a button on the Form to create payments.

      I can see how to move to the Layout/Form for the entry of a Transaction but have not been able to see how to automatically pick up the Case Reference from the Case Form and add it to the Transaction Form.

      I have tried scripts using Set Field but the field remains blank.

      Any ideas?

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          Remember how each "form" in Access has it's own specific Record Source?

          A similar situation exists with FileMaker. The current record on one layout will not automatically be accessible on another layout unless both refer to the same "box" (called a table occurrence) from Manage | Database | Relationships in Layout Setup | Show Records From.

          You have to "put the ID value in a bucket" carry that bucket to the other layout. Create a new record and take the ID out of the "bucket" and put it into the appropriate field of the new record in the related table.

          Set Variable [$ID ; value: Cases::CaseID ]
          Go To Layout ["Transactions" (Transactions)]
          New Record/Request
          Set Field [Transactions::CaseID ; $ID ]

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            Brilliant Laughing

            Great instructions and it worked a treat.

            It was the Set Variable that I missed. I was looking for a way to put a variable on the layout.

            I can see I need to start thinking in a slightly differtent way.