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Relating Fields in separate databases

Question asked by AnnaMarieClifton on Apr 1, 2011
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Relating Fields in separate databases



I've inherited some databases from the previous manager in my position and I'm trying to streamline some things. I want to know if I can relate fields from two of our databases so that I don't have to make changes/updates more than once.

We use one database to manage our inventory (2,617 records and constantly changing) and another to manage our consignments in (486 records). All our Consignment records have an entry in out inventory, but not all of our inventory is in on Consignment. I would like to link the “Retail Price” field from the 486 Consignment Records to the “Retail Price” field for those 486 items in our inventory so that every time the price goes up, we only have to change it in one or the other of these databases. 

Is there anyway to do this without recreating the databases?

Thank you,

Anna Marie