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    Relating Records



      Relating Records


           I have three tables with a layout on Insignia_Instance table that contains a department fault popup field.

           I have the foreign key for department in the Insignia_Difficulty table and the foreign key for Insignia_Difficulty in Insignia_Instance table.

           I want to be able to choose from a list of Departments on the Insignia_Instance layout. I can't seem to get the list available with this set up.


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               That seem to be due to the fact that you need to have a related record in Insignia_Difficulty that links to department via a drop down list format on _kf_DepartmentID in this table.

               If the record in Insignia_Difficulty exists and is linked to Insignia_Instance, you can place the _kf_DepartmentID on your Insignia_Instance layout and format it with a value list of IDs and Names for making this selection.

               But you first need that related record in the "in between" table.